About me

Things I would probably tell you on a first date

Currently an Innovation Engineer at UK Power Networks in London. Previously a Senior Electrical Engineer at AECOM Australia, and an Electrical Engineer at Mount Isa Mines. More details on LinkedIn. Before graduating I worked in IT operations, web design, computer repair/sales, and vegetable chopping.

Chartered Engineer in the UK (CEng) and Member of the IET (MIET); formerly CPEng / MIEAust / RPEQ in Australia. I hold a BE(Hons) in Computer Systems from James Cook University. My 4th year thesis project involved building hardware and software to demonstrate a remote ad-hoc sensor network.

Avid Barbershop Singer. I also play piano, guitar, flute, and of course, cowbell. You can check out some of my recordings on YouTube.

Grew up in Melbourne, Hobart, and Mission Beach; went to university in Townsville; lived/worked in Mount Isa, Brisbane, Sydney, and London. I’ve travelled to (in order of first visit, using ISO 3166-1 country codes) SG, MY, NZ, JP, UK, FR, IE, NO, SE, DK, NL, BE, CH, DE, ES, PT, IT, AT, CZ, MT, IS, LI.

Making music, mucking around with computers and data, long walks, photography, regular expressions, /pu[nb]s/, travelling, interesting but useless factoids, cooking, and eating.

I have a Mandarin name, Cantonese surname, Teochew mother, and Hakka father, but I don’t speak any of those languages. I learnt Indonesian / Malay in highschool, and can speak enough broken Italian to ask “how many stairs to the top of this tower” and “do you have a beach towel”.

In order learnt: BASIC, GW-BASIC, QBASIC, Visual Basic, Matlab, HTML, CSS, C, C++, PHP, SQL, Java, Javascript, VBScript, VBA, Python, jQuery. Somehow managed to get away with not learning Perl. Planning to learn Go, Ruby, and R. Check out my projects on GitHub.

Every computer I’ve ever owned, in chronological order: