Li-Wen Sings Barbershop

Li-Wen Sings Barbershop

Li-Wen got hooked on Barbershop Harmony after seeing The Blenders (Gold Coast, Australia) perform on the Australian TV show “Battle of the Choirs” in 2008.

He auditioned for the Blenders as soon as he moved to South-East Queensland in 2011, and sang Bass with them at the 2011 Pan-Pacific Convention in Brisbane. When work took him to Sydney, he joined Sydney Harmony, and sang Lead with them at the 2013 BHA Convention in Perth. He now sings Baritone with Capital Chorus (West London, UK), and Lead with Routemasters quartet.

Before being a barbershopper, Li-Wen performed in amateur productions of “Grease” and “The Boy From Oz”. He has also been involved in many other (non-musical) theatre productions as an actor, director, compere, stagehand, and sound/lighting operator.

What is barbershop music?

  • It’s a cappella, which means there is no backing music or instruments.
  • We memorise the music (noone is holding a book).
  • We do “moves”, or in barbershop-speak, “visuals”.
  • The singers are divided into four parts (Bass, Baritone, Lead, and Tenor) who each sing different notes to make up a four-note chord.
  • Everyone sings the words (no beatboxing, and harmony parts don’t just sing “doo” or “aah”).
  • We are all men. (This results in a unique sound; female and mixed-gender quartets/choruses also sing barbershop music, but they have their own unique sound).
  • For music nerds: Barbershop music is characterised by close a cappella harmony with consonant four-part chords for every melody note in a predominantly homophonic texture, with the melody carried in the inner parts. The songs have understandable lyrics and easily singable melodies, whose tones clearly define a tonal center and imply major, minor, and dominant-seventh chords that resolve primarily around the circle of fifths, while making frequent use of other resolutions.

Chorus Experience

The Blenders, Gold Coast, Australia
Feb 2011 - Oct 2011

Date Competition Part Size Score Rank Songs
14 May 2011 BHA SR Brisbane Bass 62 74.8% 1 / 6 Comes Love, Mona Lisa
30 Sep 2011 Pan Pac Brisbane Bass 67 76.9% 2 / 26 Comes Love, Mona Lisa

Sydney Harmony, Sydney, Australia
Feb 2012 - Mar 2014

Date Competition Part Size Score Rank Songs
13 Oct 2012 BHA ER Sydney Bass 29 68.7% 1 / 4 That’s Life, All The Way
4 May 2013 BHA ER Sydney Lead 31 68.8% 1 / 4 That’s Life, All The Way
12 Oct 2013 BHA Perth Lead 26 70.4% 6 / 16 That’s Life, All The Way

Capital Chorus, London, UK
Mar 2014 - Present

Date Competition Part Size Score Rank Songs
24 May 2014 BABS Harrogate Bass 24 63.6% 20 / 48 It Had To Be You,
When Somebody Loved Me
23 May 2015 BABS Llandudno Bari 21 64.2% 18 / 36 Sentimental Gentleman,
Only Girl In The World
28 May 2016 BABS Harrogate Bari 26 64.6% 15 / 35 Jeepers/Eyes Medley,
That’s All

Quartet Experience

Date Competition Quartet Part Score Rank Songs
14 May 2011 BHA ER
Affogato Bass 60.5% 9 / 16 Let Me Call You Sweetheart, Loveland
16 Nov 2014 BABS Prelims
Routemasters Lead 61.3% 31 / 48 When She Loved Me,
Sentimental Gentleman
10 Oct 2015 BABS Prelims
Routemasters Lead 60.0% 23 / 29 When She Loved Me,
It Had To Be You
1 Nov 2015 BinH Mixed
Blind Date Lead 61.5% 9 / 15 Smile
It Had To Be You


  • BHA Harmony College, Perth, October 2013
  • BABS Harmony College, Nottingham, August 2014 (Harmony Brigade)
  • Harmony University, Nashville, July 2015 (Honours Chorus)
  • AMEB Music Theory, Grade 6
  • AMEB Music Practice - Piano, Grade 4


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